Millionaires and billionaires like Donald Trump are all in for a system that benefits their friends at the very top — the opposite of the ideals of opportunity for all that our country was founded upon.

We need leaders who will fight to restore working families with the political and economic control that has been taken from them. That means:

Implementing policies like equal pay for equal work that help to ensure people who have been wrongly denied opportunity because of their gender can contribute to our economy and society to the fullest extent of their talents.

Killing Citizens United so that corporations can no longer corrupt our politics and install politicians who will do their bidding at their constituents’ expense.

Ending gerrymandering because elected officials shouldn’t pick their voters — voters should pick their representatives.

Standing up for the American Dream — that means standing up for community investments, from high-quality childcare and education to safe, affordable housing, that help to ensure that our kids have more opportunities and a better standing of living than we do.