Police Reform

Police officers are entrusted to keep us safe, but too often we’ve seen their power go unchecked. No citizen should have to fear for their life in the presence of an officer of the law, but that is a reality for too many Black men and women. As an attorney, I’ve worked with cities to hold police officers accountable, and I am dedicated to doing so in Congress. I support the following policies and pledge to support legislation that pushes our criminal justice system towards finally providing equal justice under the law.

  • Creating model use of force standards that require officers to first de-escalate situations whenever possible and exhaust all other means before force is used
  • Federally outlawing chokeholds and strangleholds
  • Demilitarizing the police force and stopping the transfer of weapons to police departments
  • Requiring thorough and routine psych evaluations and bias trainings for police officers
  • Requiring fellow officers to intervene when a colleague is using excessive force and to report any use of force to a superior
  • Increasing transparency and accountability in instances of officer misconduct